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Offers children aged 8-12 a unique reading and sensory experience. The box is filled with carefully curated books that are dyslexia-friendly and feature characters with various abilities and disabilities, promoting diversity and inclusivity, to ensure that every child feels seen and represented.  In addition to sensory and fidget toys to support emotional regulation.

Your first box will ship within 5 days of ordering.

Inclusive Adventurer

Price Options
Monthly Plan
£19.99every month until canceled
3 Month Plan
Subscribe and save 5%
£18.99every 3 months until canceled
6 Month Plan
Subscribe and save 10%
£17.99every 6 months until canceled
12 Month Plan
Subscribe and save 15%
£16.99every 12 months until canceled
  • Sensory toys offer tactile experiences that can calm, focus, reduce stress, and encourage exploration. Fidget toys help with concentration and reduce distraction for children with attention disorders. Sensory toys also improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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